Sunday, May 07, 2006

Simple as that

Simple as that ... :) Posted by Picasa

Another couple between the colorfull corals

Another couple between the colorfull corals Posted by Picasa

Long tails from natural beauty

Long tails from natural beauty Posted by Picasa

Huge fish in the distance

Huge fish in the distance Posted by Picasa

Lemon fish

Lemon fish Posted by Picasa

On the edge of the reef

On the edge of the reef Posted by Picasa

Corals and the fish

Corals and the fish Posted by Picasa

Friends under water

Friends under water Posted by Picasa

Parrot fish

Parrot fish Posted by Picasa

Black and White

Lots of black and white small fish Posted by Picasa

Giant looking for the shadow

Giant looking for the shadow Posted by Picasa

Nice yellow lemon like swimmer

Nice yellow lemon like swimmer Posted by Picasa

Fast and furius

Fast and furius Posted by Picasa

Golden beauty

Golden beauty Posted by Picasa

Picasso fish

Picasso fish Posted by Picasa

Unicorn fish

Unicorn fish Posted by Picasa

Like watching cartoon :)

Like watching cartoon :) Posted by Picasa

Asking same question ...

What are you looking ... you dummy fish ... Posted by Picasa

Reflection of the fish

Reflection of the fish Posted by Picasa

In the shallow water

In the shallow water Posted by Picasa

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo ... :) Posted by Picasa

Hidding between the corals

Hidding between the corals Posted by Picasa

Eating their own species ?

Eating their own species ? Posted by Picasa

Lion fish

Lion fish is a very difficult to see. You can see it in the time
of sunset or sunrise. Very dangerous and painfull if
you step on it. Just beautifull. It belongs into scorpion group of fish. Posted by Picasa

Very common - seargeon fish

Very common - seargeon fish in the center
 Posted by Picasa